Weight Watchers (circa 1968)

As some of you may or may not know I have been a loyal Weight Watchers follower since 2003 (Officially)
Theoretically I have been a follower since 1976. I remember back in those days I would go with my grandmother to the local drugstore counter and she would order the Weight Watchers "Diet Plate"
This plate consisted of a fried burger (no bun) high fat cottage cheese, a piece of iceberg lettuce and I believe a grape or something like that. (I would order one right along with her.)

Things have changed a lot in the past 30 years.

What many of you may not know about is the Weight Watchers Drop Diet.

My Grandmother (My mother's Mother) is Polish. She was also a chef and a damn good one! She made the best Golabki and Pierogi that I have EVER had. (I'm still trying to master her Pierogi recipe)
Anyway, My Grandmother loved to smoke, eat and drink, but she was never a plump woman. I found out after she passed that on Mondays after a "Great Weekend" she would do this Drop Diet (and drop about 10 pounds) And Yes it Worked! (For her anyway)

I tried it once with a friend of mine and I didn't make it past Day one Hour one.
I still can't believe I have these cards. They are over 40 years old and when I was looking up a recipe tonight, they fell out.

I treasure these cards. Not for the content, but because they are in Natalie's handwriting. Will I ever try it again.... probably not. But I like having them.

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Amateur Cook said...

Nostalgic (old fashioned) stuff like that fascinates me.

Interesting to see her spelling of some ingredients like "beats, frankfortese and cottage chees".  :)


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