Apple and what it means to me. Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

I started using Apple computers in 1994 during my first Adobe Photoshop classes. Its how I learned how to use a computer.

 It was funny, over the course of the next few years when I took jobs that used PCs I was like "What the hell is this?" Obviously I was adept at using both, but I never understood why a PC was so darned stupid.

I am now on my 6th apple computer and all I can say is that in a weird way, it did shape me in the way I do things, in the way I see things and in the way I think.  I guess early on when you're using Apple instead of the norm and your peers are looking at you like you're playing with a toy, you're constantly defending yourself.

And now I walk into an Apple store trying to get through the hordes of folks and their damn Iphones and I think, Wow, what happened... there was once only a few of us.

With the passing of Steve Jobs, I hope that Apple stays true to what it has always been. I hope it stays an innovative company and I will continue to worship at the Church of Apple.

Thank you for 17 years of making me try to at least be, a little more creative.

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