Weight Watchers (circa 1968)

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As some of you may or may not know I have been a loyal Weight Watchers follower since 2003 (Officially)
Theoretically I have been a follower since 1976. I remember back in those days I would go with my grandmother to the local drugstore counter and she would order the Weight Watchers "Diet Plate"
This plate consisted of a fried burger (no bun) high fat cottage cheese, a piece of iceberg lettuce and I believe a grape or something like that. (I would order one right along with her.)

Things have changed a lot in the past 30 years.

What many of you may not know about is the Weight Watchers Drop Diet.

My Grandmother (My mother's Mother) is Polish. She was also a chef and a damn good one! She made the best Golabki and Pierogi that I have EVER had. (I'm still trying to master her Pierogi recipe)
Anyway, My Grandmother loved to smoke, eat and drink, but she was never a plump woman. I found out after she passed that on Mondays after a "Great Weekend" she would do this Drop Diet (and drop about 10 pounds) And Yes it Worked! (For her anyway)

I tried it once with a friend of mine and I didn't make it past Day one Hour one.
I still can't believe I have these cards. They are over 40 years old and when I was looking up a recipe tonight, they fell out.

I treasure these cards. Not for the content, but because they are in Natalie's handwriting. Will I ever try it again.... probably not. But I like having them.

Wedding at Gramercy Park!

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It's truly a privilege to be able to shoot in Gramercy Park. Thank you Ryan and Leslie!!!
Location... Gramercy Park and Gramercy Hotel
Officiant... Eileen of

Leslie's dress is vintage 60's. She picked it up in Toronto.

Barry took the pic above. I get so mad when he captures moments like this instead of me!

If you want to get married in NYC in the Spring, April is perfect for Magnolia blossoms.

Leslie and Ryan are both actors, as you can see above, they certainly know how to play with the camera.


Eight Life Rules by Helen Gurley Brown

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I cut this out of the paper in 1997 when HGB left Cosmopolitan. It pops out of my drawer periodically and gives me a nice reminder for life... and a smile.

(Ever since 1997 I ALWAYS do the rotten stuff first)


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