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More of Darci and Ben's wedding can be seen here

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Goodbye 2013 Helloooooooo 2014!!!! (A few wedding outtakes)

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Just a small sample of some moments that made this year memorable.... (Including some of Barry's creepy photobombs) Lots of fun and lots of laughter !

 The season started for us in January at reBar. This was Barry's first photobomb of 2013!

Yes, I get some sick pleasure from watching tourists try to run out my shots
We found a Yeti named Charlie at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Please do not let the PhotoBooth ever go out of style!!!


So many nervous Dads!

Justin is in need of a rest
We got to see Dr. Ruth Westheimer get down!
Ben blowing off some steam pre ceremony
We got to meet Lee and Morty!
Flying Irish step dancers

Im still assuming that the "L" was for me......
At every NYC wedding there is ALWAYS a tourist in red in my shot. 
There was a lot of walking on furniture.....
2013 the year of IPAD photographers

Me = oblivious
We loved shooting at The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls where we can actually walk to work!

Caitlyn and Charlie photobombed a wedding shoot during our E-shoot
Thank you Dave Leonard of JTD Productions for the BEST music always!

purposeful photobomb

See ya 2013, its been Great!

Our Main Portfolio: http://www.kimberlycoccagnia.com


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