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An article was written by Corey Anne Photography on the Huffington Post regarding unplugged weddings (Link to article at the bottom of this post)

This subject has been discussed over and over and over again. This photographer has taken a public stand. And I commend her for it. And yes, this has happened to us at every single wedding. The couples never see the photos I have to dump because 4 other "photographers" were crouched around me so they could "Get the shot" Having said that. Guests will ALWAYS take pictures, it just is and will always be an obstacle.  We let it go as much as we can and when they get in our sightline we politely ask them to please move and hope they get the hint.

However, in my opinion there has been a growing and much bigger problem. Other wedding professionals. (Don't shoot me, its not all of you) Some………

We're about to start the ceremony and another "photographer" appears in the middle of the the aisle… Does she work for us? No. Is she a guest? Who is she?   Oh, she works with the officiant and has been "hired" by him to photograph the ceremony… (More on the outcome later)

We're shooting the couple dancing and a ninja jumps in front of us and starts snapping… again not a guest, (But they do this too)  Who is he?  Oh he works for the DJ company…

Oh there's the cinematographer, oh wait he has a team of two still photographers…. and look, they have taken their places at the ceremony site in order to get the best point of view possible…...

Its the recessional, Im shooting and stepping backwards OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! A lens just slammed me in the back of the head, I find out later its the owner of the venue.

I will first address the Why? Why we don't appreciate these actions.

As photographers we have a contract that covers and includes a model release as well as other details that protect the couples we're shooting.  Our couples know where their images will end up, they know they'll be edited. They'll see all the images. when you have "Strangers" or other professionals shooting, they have no control over those images. They could end up anywhere unedited and untracked.  There is also a little thing called copyright and copyright laws. For example being the only legally contracted photographer…  We have an ethical business code that we stand by. Again, it protects, you, your guests and us.

Also, I believe its disrespectful to the couple. They have paid for a service and you are interfering with that service. I always laugh and say that Im going to bring my own DJ to a wedding, or why not have another florist show up. (I do like her work better)  Hmmmmmm why don't I bring in my own chef? That would be weird right?  Well, why is it ok for others to bring their own photographer?

How do we resolve this?

Tell your other professionals to reach out to us. If they want images or have a special request for images, all they have to do is ask. We're really good like that. We will supply them with images for their blogs, websites or whatever.

As far as the person attempting to shoot the ceremony, we explained that no, she will not be able to shoot the ceremony with us. She then stated she was a guest. She then stated she could do what she wishes. Then the officiant came over and we explained it to him and he was kind and understood. But, did we want that conversation? No. When we are shooting we are 100% focused on the couple and their guests, we want to do the best for them and things like this can just make you a bit grumpy. Its not necessary.

So couples, reach out to your team and tell them that we will work WITH them. We are all rowing the same boat and we all want the same outcome. That is, a great day and memories for you!

Now, regarding Corey Ann's article. I believe the reason she wrote it is because Yes. It's no longer guests taking photos from their seat. They are getting up, standing in the aisle. They're front and center during the toasts, standing in front of the bride during the processional (Blocking the grooms view) and she like many others are frankly, sick of it.

Keep in mind often the guests have more freedom during the ceremony than the photographer or cinematographers. If we are ordered to stay in the back or side of the ceremony site by the church or officiant and your guests decide to get up from their seat and stand in front of us, it just doesn't work.

All we ask for is a little respect and space. And an awesome wedding!!!

(Link to Huffington post article)

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