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Everyone always wants to know what the girls are wearing. What designer dress, shoes? It goes on and on. But what about the guys!

We get just as excited finding out about what the guys are wearing  as the girls. There are so many options for men now and about a billion websites dedicated to “Helping the groom dress” 

I always had my own rules regarding the grooms attire....

 #1. If you have graduated from high school, leave the rented tuxes and matching cummerbunds for the prom goers.

       #2. Buy yourself an amazing pair of shoes, Please do not rent them. You will have the shoes for years to come and why not? The girls get new shoes... you should too.

(It seems like a millennia since I have seen a Day Glow Orange Cummerbund.... But you never know when they could be lurking nearby...)

Below are a few Really helpful links regarding all aspects of men’s attire. Grab a beer and enjoy!!!

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