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When I design a album/book OR send it to my designer I always prefer to have us pick your images. In reality my couples are so excited about this that they want to pick their own images.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is couples pick images as if your album/book was a scrapbook as opposed to (What I like to call) A highlight reel.

Your album/book is meant to showcase the best of the best images from your wedding. Even though I request 50-60 images most couples send me about 150-200 and it’s always impossible to have a nice flow when the puzzle pieces just don’t fit. Or if there are just too many you lose the feel all together.

When picking your images, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Categorize!  Start with the preparation.    One of you slipping on your dress, one of your family member or friend helping you adjust. One or two of you ecstatic and laughing once you see yourself put together.  To tie these images together, we will add a couple details, Your dress alone, a picture of your necklace or bouquet against your dress etc...There will be about 8-10 images total of the two of you during this time.

2. When picking from the ceremony, think about 5-10 important moments.
Is it walking down the aisle? Is it your mom watching the ceremony? The kiss? Pick the most meaningful images from the ceremony. These will be next in the book story.

3. Formal family pictures. In a scrapbook you may put 20 group shots together, with your book that takes up valuable real estate. Again, pick about 6 group posed shots.

4. The two of you. Here you have a bit more freedom. I encourage up to 9 or so posed of just the two of you. The choice is yours!

5. Details. You wont need 22 images of your tabletop. One close up of your centerpiece, one wide shot of your room if you like. And any small details that are important to you and that you want to remember. Total should be 5-7

6. Candids.  Your guests dancing, drinking etc.... (Only if you want these in your book.) Some couples do and some couples don’t! If you do, pick 5-10 You can incorporate these with the speeches.

7. The two of you dancing. I like to do these as a series. Three images preferably, the best of the two of you.

8. Emotion. A couple great pictures of joy always makes the book. You'll see what we mean when you start looking. 

9. Parent dances are often very important so do not forget a couple of these shots.

10.  Dont forget fillers! If you give me a shot of the both of you cutting the cake, maybe a picture focusing on people watching you would be a great filler or do a series of 3 pictures. And don't forget the actual cake.  Same with any part of the day, pick an image or 2 that shows another point of view.

There you have it! 

Once you choose these images, remember we have complete control over design.  The reason for this is, we know how the flow should go and our designer is a bit of a master at putting it all together.  So trust!

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