Full Moon Resort... Maureen and Kenny (Teaser!!!)

Maureen and Kenny

Maureen and Kenny grew up in the same town of Ellenville, NY. Though they attended many of the same school functions and had mutual friends, this couple did not date until much after their high school career. In 2001 Maureen left to attend college and travel while Kenny began working hard in construction. In early 2008 Maureen's father grew ill and she moved back home to be with her dad.

 Little did she know her one true love was right at home where the heart is.

The couple had their first date at the Egg's Nest in Highland Falls, NY and they've been inseparable ever since. Though sadly Maureen's father, Marvin Moore passed in 2010 he always thought of Kenny as his second son. Family, loss, and true love have brought the couple together and are the ingredients to what they consider the recipe to a good life.

 Maureen currently works as the Coordinator of Library Services. Kenny remains a local 17 laborer for the Argenio Brothers Construction Company. Together they bought a little old house built in1929 which drives Kenny crazy fixing up but Maureen loves to decorate with antiques. 

They reside in their hometown of Ellenville where the view of the Gunks never gets too old for them.

Their super sweet wedding was held at the Full Moon Resort in August

Congratulations Maureen and Kenny!!!

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