"Get to know you Session", Laura and Justin!!!

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Just a few quick pulls from Laura and Justin's session. I cant wait to edit the rest!
Their wedding is in just a few months and we decided to "Get to know each other" in his old neighborhood around Tompkins Square Park.

Their story…

Straight out of an old fashioned love story – Justin and Laura met via Facebook. 
While looking through a mutual friend’s wedding album, Laura immediately captured Justin’s eye – she was the only face he’d never seen before, and the only bridesmaid not from Long Island.  Justin was intrigued. 
He sent Laura an email just before leaving on a trip to New Zealand with a proposal to become penpals.  She inexplicably agreed.  They spent the next two weeks exchanging long-winded emails; he took advantage of his travels to sound adventurous as she weathered snow storms in Philly. 
Both equally embarrassed to tell their friends about sparks with someone they’d never met, Justin and Laura finally planned to meet after 5 weeks of emails and phone calls. 
What followed were two terribly awkward dates.  Finally on their third date, over breakfast burritos in Tompkins Square Park, Laura and Justin finally recaptured the connection they’d built through their letters. 
From then on, their connection has only grown and now they are looking forward to a lifetime of breakfast burritos and awkward dates.

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