Congratulations To Frank DeCaro and Jim Colucci! A wedding at Sirius/XM

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This past Tuesday on August 16th, we were honored to be chosen with 4 other couples to attend the wedding of Frank DeCaro and Jim Colucci. We have been fans for years and with the passing of the same sex marriage bill this summer, this was the most amazing way to celebrate it.

Who was there?
Oh my, I am so going to name drop right now.
Lisa Lampanelli was there with her teddy bear of a husband. (She looked amazing!)
I was lucky to meet Doria Biddle (Co-host of the Frank show) I just love her!
The legendary Michael Musto was there,  and of course Michelangelo Signorile. (My political Guru!)
And Howard Stern's own Lisa G!

The wedding was officiated by Lizz Winstead.
The official photographer was  the incomparable Erica Berger.
(Who I fell in love with) What a cool woman!
The ring bearer Herman is carried down the stairs

The wedding music was performed by David Raleigh.

There were many more faces there, all beaming. Everyone was so happy for them.

The readings by friends and family made me uncontrollably weep and the vows were so personal and emotional... and hysterical, it was like 20 minutes of mood swings, laughing then sobbing.

I wanted that bouquet!!!

Congratulations Jim and Frank!!!